Petit train
Supply train


Making the supply of your production lines a regular process
MANUAL or POWERED     The Rollis® carts can be hand-pulled or motorised.
The towing hook is useful for pulling a full train.
The adpated Rollis cart is especially practical for supplying the production line and selecting items of stock.
The tow truck is practical for heavy loads or longer distances
manual with frequent stops
gaffe de traction
locomotive ergomover
pupitre Ó cartes kaban pour locomotive
cavalier pour bacs
Towing hook
Adapted Rollis
Tow Truck
Rollis® cart 400
Raised Rollis®
Card Holder
Jumper for containers
servante pour petit train locomotive ergomover Pupitre pour Kanban locomotive ergomover Servante Rollis rehaussÚs Gaffe de traction pour servante