Petit train Locomotive Ergomover
Towing force for a maximum of 1 minute
Towing force for a maximum of 5 minutes
Towing force for a maximum of 60 minutes
Maximum speed
Voltage in use
Engine Power
Maximum noise level
Maximum vibrations
Emergency braking
Weight (incl. batteries)
Total length
Total width
Total height
Ground clearance
Driving wheel diameter X width
Maximum weight on front wheel with driver
Rear wheel diameter X width
Maximum weight on each rear wheel with driver
(dimensions in mm)  
pupitre à cartes kaban pour locomotive
cavalier pour bacs
Ergomover Tow Truck
Making the supply of your production lines a regular process 

Ergomover 620TT Tow Truck

Quick and easy access to the tow truck
20 second battery change
Especially designed for the frequent use of Rollis® carts or carriers equipped with a telescopic coupling (patented), on a smooth flat surface
Driver's operating platform - 65 mm from the ground
Free access to the driver's operating platform
Driver can mount and dismount easily
Facilitates frequent stops
Standing position ensures safety in case of frontal collision
Clear all-round visibility to be able to see oncoming traffic at intersections
Low maintenance gel batteries facilitate battery charging and changing at any location en route