Appro au poste Module de stockage
Storage plate width 400
Storage plate overall length 920
Storage plate weight 11,2 kg
Floor fixing screws : Pozidriv 5x40
Characteristics of storage
Storage gap (minimum distance between 2 storage lines) 450
Guide height 154
Identification pole
Overall height from the floor      1532
Storage maximum height 1350
Pole weight 1,7 kg
Plastic tag dimensions 80 x 100
kit entree sortie, Pas carré
Storage unit for side supply or cross supply
Facilitate the supply of parts in Rollis on both sides of a production line   
Storage unit

Side supply
Yellow security tag holder with printed repositionable tags
Accurate positioning of the Rollis on the production line
Easy insertion of the Rollis in the line
Correct position indicated by a fixed pole
Easy to put in place by screws (supplied with rawl plugs)
Can be used with 400 or 600 width Rollis
Jig plate