Chariot Rollis® Les points forts de l'attelage télescopique
Telescopic coupling system

Improve your productivity by simplifying your flow processes with the Rollis® system  

Accessibility FIFO Efficient
Coupled or uncoupled in less than a second without bending down
Emergency stop of less than 1m irrespective of the load
30 % reduction in storage space without having to undo the coupling
100 % automatic FIFO that does not require a computer or a board
Comparison of the Rollis® telescopic coupling system and a fixed coupling
  Practical   Progressive   Autonomous   Transport
50% less width required for walkways
Middle of train can be unhooked without having to manœuver the whole load
Each Rollis® cart picks up speed 1 by 1, limiting the amount of physical effort required.
Can be moved by hand : No license required
Can be transported by truck-trailer without the need of a fork-lift truck
Rollis® is a registered trademark of the Labadis company.