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Bespoke Rollis® cart
Make the handling of your goods a simple and smooth process   

Bespoke Rollis® cart

Example of foam-covered steering wheels

Studying how goods are handled at the workstation


Implementation in your workshop
All manufacturing activities have activity-specific items due to their individual shape, fragility, size or weight. It is therefore necessary to have a multi-purpose way of storing and moving these items for the various workstations in the company.
Labadis can take care of all or part of the conception of such integrated solutions in the following manner  :
1. Analysis in your premises of the constraints and the range of such items
2. Establishing the feasibility of solutions on-site
3. Options presented in the form of a table according to the criteria used
4. Design of the chosen solution
5. Finalization of the prototypes
7. Manufacturing
8. Implementation in your premises
The following requirements are usually requested :
Easy handling of the items
Storage on the assembly line
Protection of the items
Multi-purpose use of the solution
Electric conductivity
Vibration resistant
Interfacing capacity with automated machines
Ease of use
Resistance to corrosion…