Width 600
Length 606
Height inclusive of steel prongs
(dimensions in mm)  
Rollis® large flat items
Make the handling of your goods a simple and smooth process 

Rollis® HOTDOG cart

Rollis® carts entering automatically into a cardboard folding machine



For packaging made from flat cardboard
Eliminates the tiresome and difficult task of manually loading cardboard packaging machines (generally loaded by hand on raised conveyer belts)
Labadis has developed a concept combining packaging machines and Rollis carts which uses a constant feed of cardboard without any manual intervention. The machine takes the cardboard at a pre-set height ; forks move over the Rollis and lift the pile of cardboard sheets. A buffer ensures that the next Rollis card is fed into the machine. The Rollis carts are transported by truck-trailer (cf. truck-trailer)
Waste eliminated (pallets, ties, dividers), The cardboard sheets are held centred by two vertical prongs
  Rollis® trolley Flat items = Rollis® Hotdog cart