Rollis® trolley Rollis® Retention = Liquids
Maximum drum size 30 L
Width x Length 400 x 400
Overall height
(dimensions in mm)  
Rollis 400x400
Rollis 400x600
Rollis 400x800
Rollis® Retention cart (ISO 14000)
Make the handling of your goods a simple and smooth process 

Rollis®Retention cart
400 x 400

The insertion of the tubing does not put the operator at risk of splashes to the face


Easy inserting of the lower tubing, without putting the operator at risk of splashes to the face
Drum can be tilted to be fully emptied
The Rollis retention cart holds the full volume of the drum
The Rollis retention cart offers full protection should there be a leak in the drum
The Rolis retention cart can be used to deliver drums using the Ergomover supply train
No more dedicated protected storage space (lower investment costs)
No risk of drums being perforated using a fork-lift truck
Conforms to ISO 14000
All the advantages of our telescopic coupling system