Kanban Suppply loop Desk for kanban cards
Number of slots for cards 9
Length of each card slot 158
Colour RAL 9006
Conditions of use
Overall size of the cards
(dimensions in mm)
Kanban card stand for the Ergomover Tow Truck  
Ensures an efficient transfer of information back to the producer   

Kanban card stand for the Ergomover Tow Truck

pupitre pour cartes kanban

The Kanban card stand slots into the operating console of the Ergomover. No adaptating required.
The selection points are indicated on the adhesive labels. Their position gives the required route of the supply train.
The Kanban cards are sorted with respect to their destination
Cards can no longer be lost
Structures the storeman's work processes
The destinations are written on magnetic cards which can be re-arranged according to the route taken
Timer for the train