Makes the workhop autonomous in managing production  
  gestion des flux par Kanban

The Kanban fixed batch system facilitates the monitoring and the launching of production which makes the workshop autonomous. The Kanban system has 2 operational loops :

•  The supply loop  which brings goods to the production line.
•  The production loop which organises the production line process.

To avoid disrupting the Kanban system by the loss of a card, each card is placed in a specific position for each step of the process.
• The supply card goes from the container into the gutter on the desk onto the card holder of the container.
• The production card goes from the container in the batch box into the slot of the container's card holder.
EQUIPMENT for EACH LOOP            

Kanban supply cards

Return guttering
Desk for Kanban cards
production cards

Batch building blocks

Card bucket
Launching rail
   Order Preparing    Supply loop   Production loop
Card printer

Printing kit - colour / black and white

Kanban game
boucle Kanban prelevement boucle Kanban production boucle Kanban