Appro au poste Rack dynamique
Unit width
Unit length  
Maximum height  
Gap Width (distance between 2 storage lines)  
Setting pitch in height
Maximum load
Width of roller axles
Gap between 2 levels
Roller axles
(dimensions in mm)
Compact flow rack
Brings parts to the operator whilst limiting movements   

Flow rack

Each Rack is adapted according to the type of packing. Easy access for the operator allows him to limit his movements
Mixed assembly line : boxes in rack
Easy access to parts due to overlapping boxes
Each line has its own channelling guide : no box remains stuck in the middle of the rack
Channelled return for each type of box : no box jams or falls
A 440 mm wide gap between 2 storage lines enables a mixed solution of storage in boxes or in Rollis ®
Rollers with compact metal axles for a smooth and reliable movement
Adjustment of each levels’ height from the outside (no nut or other parts to hold on the inside)
The rack can be moved by hand or by a fork-lift truck on the side
Tag holder to identify each lane