Workstation feeding Pile lifter
Height of the lifted forks
Rollis transfer height (forks face to face)
Maximum lifting weight
Rollis width
Rollis length
Minimum time between 2 changes of boxes
Floor space required
Overall height
Total weight
Maximum intensity
Maximum power
Noise level
(dimensions in mm)  
Pile lifter
Supply heavy and frequently used parts in an ergonomic and cost-efficient way    
Pile lifter

Parts accessed at a constant height
The removal of empty boxes happens outside the production line, so as not to hinder the operator's movements
Parts accessed at a constant height (automatic lift)
Ergonomic : no more handling of full boxes
Transfer of the empty box by easy side movement (1 second)
Time to change pile, systematically below 3 x 3 seconds 
Space saving : 2 piles on Rollis ® are often sufficient
Manual adjustment for any size box up to a maximum depth of 320 mm
Simple to install : 100% electrical with adjustable feet
An accessible production line : walk through the Pile Lifter
Gradual start and stop
Platform for Rollis 400x800 & 400x600