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Our products are constantly updated and improved. Consequently, their characteristics can change without prior notice or warning. The update of information published on this website can differ due to technical updates. All visitors to the website that use such information recognize thatt this is done under their sole responsibility.

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The user recognises the fact that he is solely responsible for the use he/she makes of the information or the data present on this website. The Labadis company and any third parties mentioned on tjis website decline all and any responsibility for any prejudice caused, whatever the type, the cause or the extent of the prejudice caused, including, without limitation, any direct, indirect, specific, subsequent or consecutive damages, caused by or in relation to the access to or use of this website or one of its functions or caracteristics, inclusive of the search, transfer/downloading of any information, data, text, picture or other information available on this website or indeed any other related or linked website.

The Labadis company does not guarantee the accuracy or the exhaustiveness of the information or services provided by this website. Consquently, it is the users sole responsibility to evaluate the accuracy, completeness, the reliability, the relevance and the usefulness of any opinion, service or other information therein provided. Furthermore, the Labadis company declines all responsibility as to the updating of the information provided in this website which are obsolete.

Any information provided by this website are to be considered solely as for information purposes only and can never be considered as legal, accounting, financial or investment advice or more generally business advice or advice on a specific situation. Therefore the Labadis company declines all responsibility for the use or misuse of information included in the present website.

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Any attempt by whoever to damage, harm or hinder the efficient functioning or to disrupt the present website constitutes a violation of the civil and penal laws that are in force. Accordingly, the Labadis company reserves itself the right to prosecute any offending parties and to claim damages.

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