Conseil formation Conseils techniques Lean Manufacturing
Lean Manufacturing

We use the techniques of the Toyota Production System, today called Lean Manufacturing
Flow analysis (VSM), 5S, Hoshin, SMED


We have developed our own method to structure the flows with  :
Containers, Supply at the workstation, Supply-trains, Flat Storage and Kanban.
For workshop management, we offer  :
Zoning, Quality first, QCDM Management and 5S.
At the planning stage of a new factory, we provide  :
Process design for the design of lines or machines and FLowing Layout for implementation.
Technical consulting Lean Manufacturing  
Improve your productivity and train your staff at the same time  
Technical Consulting
You need to :
Improve workshop productivity
Automate operations
Reduce manufacturing floor space
Simplify the flows of materials
Decrease stock levels

Improve customer delivery lead-time

Improve Ergonomics
Reduce handling accidents and waste


Study of a workstation
We can help you by acting with you on the workfloor :
Needs analysis established in close cooperation with yourselves
Proposal of appropriate technical solutions
Implementation according to a pre-defined schedule
Implementation following a pre-established method you learn "on the job"

Therefore :
You achieve sustainable results
You become autonomous
You adapt your organization step by step according to the new processes